Tiny Worlds....exploring macro photography!

I've wondered for a long time whether a macro lens was something I could really justify buying, as a portrait photographer. But being here in Washington has inspired me--so much moss, so much variety of plant life....I couldn't resist. So I got myself an early Christmas present-- the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro. And I gotta say, the very VERY little time I've gotten to play with it in between rains, it has made me giddy with delight. 

I guess it's no surprise, probably, but the majority of my macro stuff doesn't really look like the stuff I usually see done with it. Way less scientific.....I'm really interested in the abstraction possibilities, and above all, I am utterly obsessed.....WITH COLOR. 

I found this little clear marble in the yard, and loved shooting it so much, I plan to keep playing with it for a little series! 

A Kifer-Collins Halloween!

Had a fabulous Halloween with our longtime friends and my brother in our new town of Olympia, WA. These pictures span over about 3 days and include pumpkin patch + corn maze, pumpkin carving, and dressing up, of course. If you just want to see the girls in costume, those pictures are at the bottom :P

Liam with the pumpkins :D

Liam with the pumpkins :D

Goats! The girls loooooved them :)

Okay, so did I.

I don't know how the goats stay hungry and don't explode with kids feeding them all day!

Big grin on Maverick :)

Yeah, I died a little from cute. 

They're almost exactly the same age, and pretty great buddies :)

Checking out the view of the corn maze.....

Making our descent....

The kids striking a victory pose after we escaped the corn maze :)

She plays with my hair when she's tired or anxious.....if she can't have mine, she'll settle for her own.

I just truly never get tired of looking at, and taking pictures of, her curls. 

The next night at our house....

My brother getting mummified!


Hope you guys enjoyed these, and had a happy Halloween!