Darling.....remember when you fell asleep in that overstuffed chair, sitting straight up? You were so very tired. It had been a rainy day, most of which you spent terrorizing your sisters and pulling things out of boxes, drawers, and purses. You and I had had many contests over who was going to run the house today, and I hate to admit it, but I think you won the lion's share of them. You are living up to your name every day, such a fierce little warrior you are!

I saw you there and smiled, taking in your rumpled exhaustion; your hair was damp and curly, the mane of your little stuffed lion lay nestled in your palm. I walked quietly to get my camera, and then sat down on the floor next to that big overstuffed chair. 

I marveled at the serenity in your face, every muscle relaxed, your eyelashes fanned out on your cheek. I listened to your soft, steady breathing. I trailed my fingers through your hair, tracing the curls, spelling out a love letter that had no words. 

Being careful not to wake you, I took your hands gently in mine. I felt your skin, soft like silk, fresh as a flower that just bloomed yesterday. 

I brushed my fingers lightly over the soles of your feet, remembering with a smile that first day that I met you, our midwife showing us how pressure in one spot would make your toes spread wide apart, and in another would bring them curling in to grasp her fingers. I had found it somehow miraculous and laughed out loud with delight.

I counted each of your perfect toes as I had that first day, and I thanked every power I could think of, every person in my life that led me to this moment, to you, asleep in the lamplight. I know you won't remember. But I will never forget.