Kennedy & Katie

I recently had the distinct privilege of meeting two amazing human beings named Kennedy and Katie.

We spent less than 24 hours together, but in that time I learned that neither of these girls backs down from a real conversation. They're not afraid to talk about the big stuff.

They are wise WAY beyond their years, yet innocent in the sense of pure and GOOD hearts. Not jaded. Not cynical. Hopeful. Caring. Genuine. 

Their obvious love and respect for each other was a joy to be around. They have such an easy way of being together, and both of them made me feel like an old friend in the first hour. 

Listening to them talk about each other was the highlight of their visit for me. They both speak so highly of each other. 

It's been refreshing to see such a positive example of a relationship done right. I hope I was able to capture a little bit of that here, because it sure is a beautiful thing. Thanks K&K for sharing the day with me! You rule. 

PS---Kennedy is an amazing photographer in her own right! Check out her work here: