Family Lifestyle Shoot - Amber & Avi's Family

I've been waiting to do a shoot like this for probably over two years-- an intimate, unposed, unfiltered look at an average day in the life of a family. I've studied a lot of this kind of work, and have have felt for a long time that it was where my heart was leading me. So I beyond was thrilled when Amber, a friend from my college days agreed to let me come and spend a mellow morning with her beautiful family. 

Baby Matilda Marigold was just two weeks new and kept her mama very busy :) Big sister Elora never wandered far from her side. It was so touching to be let in on these little moments. 

I love seeing dads that are so involved and tender with their little ones. :) Matilda was such a sleepy girl that morning, and so content to sleep in her mom or dad's arms--- just don't try to set her down, she's much too smart for that! ;) 

Elora was ALL. About. The books! And played with her toes as her mama read---I am a helpless sucker for toddler fingers and toes, they just melt me!

Elora started blowing raspberries at her mama as she ate her breakfast, and just absolutely cracking herself up (and us in the process!) SO CUTE. 

Two words: Proud. Papa. 

We decided to step out for some fresh air and sunshine. I loved watching Elora, she walked with such big, confident steps-- pretty obvious she's going to be one of the fearless ones! 

Amber and Avi got a rare moment to relax; this was one of the only shots I got of just the two of them, but I figure--- that's real life with a two-year-old and a two-week-old! These two have a great connection and clearly make each other laugh. :)

Elora loved playing with their big kitty, Mowgli, and he seemed to really enjoy that too!  

Oh, that sweet sister love. Having three girls myself, I know how amazing it is, and I love watching it bloom! 


Having not seen Amber in almost 10 years, it was wonderful to get to know her in a totally new way-- mother to mother. And let me tell you, she is a natural! She was so calm and I could tell she was just soaking up every moment with her little ones. 

At the very end of our time, Miss Matilda decided to grace us with her beautiful eyes <3 So nice to get my baby fix! :D

Squishy cheeks and the most perfect little lips and nose--- could anything be sweeter? 

I want to thank this family for letting me into their lives and sharing these everyday moments with me-- and letting me share them with you! It was such a learning experience and I know even more deeply now that this is the kind of work I want to do much, much more of :)