My three (plus one!)

I feel like most of the time when I am taking pictures of our girls, I don't want to mess with them TOO much, so I don't have them pose for the most part. But today in the interests of getting some pictures of their FACES (instead of just the backs of their heads) I went with them and my brother to a local wildlife refuge and did some (slightly) more formal portraits of them. 

At this point they all decided they had had quite enough of the cold on their noses and hands and were ready to go back to the car. Luckily the sun was out and I managed to steal a few more that I loved on the way :) 

My brother Bryan was an invaluable help, especially when little Miss Arya was tired and DONE walking for the afternoon :)

Such a fun day out and I'm happy to have a record of my girls' growth! :) Hope you guys enjoyed these too!