Of our three girls, Arya is the only one who hasn't been in a ballet class yet. She was too young for their ballet school in Montana and we haven't yet enrolled any of them here in Washington (that will happen very soon though, for all three of them!) And yet, of the three, she is the one who loves to dance the most intensely, more than anything in the world, really. Perhaps it's a product of watching her sisters in class and at their recitals... but more and more it just seems like she was born to dance! 

Her dad bought her a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers for Christmas and that is *literally* all she wants to wear now. Today I let her run wild with it and tried to capture a little bit of that beautiful energy. 


I just can't wait to see what she'll do when she starts classes.... she's only 2 1/2 and she's already so passionately excited about dancing! She loves to perform for us, and yet....she also seems to be in her own little world when she's performing, like she's totally absorbed in the movement and seeing what her body can do. 

Go figure, my favorite image of the day is almost completely out of focus, but the line of her body and the sheer grace of it brings me to tears. So glad I caught this one. 

Right around this point, the older girls wanted to get in on things, so they ran and got dance gear on set the stage for their little ballerina sister to make a grand entrance :)

6 little feet on tippy toes... and a teddy bear. 

Some more fun dancing ensued, but I'm sad to say the chaos factor of all three of them in such a small space kind of defeated my attempts to make pictures that made sense, so I decided just to sit back and watch, and laugh, and love them instead.