Studio Session with Seattle Band: MORNING GLORY REVIVAL

Yesterday I had the unique privilege of being granted access to a studio recording session at SoundHouse Studios in Seattle. The band was Morning Glory Revival, and they were wrapping up 5 days worth of work on their new self-titled album (coming soon! :)) 

My brother Bryan had asked our cousin, Woody Frank (one of the band's two songwriter/vocalist/guitarists) if we could come shoot some stills, as well as some video footage, so we could attempt to put together a short documentary-style film for an upcoming film festival. I had *never* shot video on my DSLR before, but I dove in and played and had WAY too much fun! 

This is Woody! A nicer, more talented dude you will never meet!

Jack Endino, sound engineer, working on the mix! 

This studio felt like a 1970's spaceship....

I loved the eclectic vibe :)

Sliders, knobs, buttons, dials, and gauges were EVERYWHERE! 

Bass player Zach Milsteadt, laying down some background vocals. 

I actually ended up shooting so much video that I didn't get nearly as many stills as I otherwise might have, especially of the band members. (Oops!!!) But I hope to be able to share the finished short film when my brother finishes editing it together, so keep an eye out!  Consider this a teaser. :)

Spending time watching these talented musicians put their album together was unforgettable! Their sound is an eclectic mix that draws from many different influences. Rock is definitely one of the key players, but honestly it doesn't really fit neatly into any particular genre I could think of.  The tone varies throughout and can be playful, gritty, thoughtful, energetic, or psychedelic, just to name a few. All I knew was that I wanted to get my hands on the finished album, put it on (loud) and lay down on my living room rug for an hour listening to those electric guitar riffs! 

Woody warming up...

Ian McKagan does some crazy %$^ with the talk box. Must be heard to be believed!

If I learned anything from this experience (and I did-- a lot!!!) it's that putting together an album of music takes enormous passion and dedication. We met these guys at 2 PM and I started passing out on the studio couch at around 11 pm --- they didn't wrap for the night til 1 AM. And that was DAY 5 for them!!! Boys, you have my admiration!

Drummer Luke Knezevich making some noise!

I can't wait to get my copy of their brand-new album soon and I hope if you ever come to Seattle, you'll check these guys out (follow their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all their shows!) 

Big thanks to all the members of Morning Glory (and Jack!) for putting up with me all day and letting me get a glimpse of their world!